Better society in B&H and around the world, where young people use film and art for the sake of social justice.


Better society in B&H and around the world, where young people use film and art for the sake of social justice.


Magacin Kabare is the first organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina which promotes reconciliation and the sense of social responsibility through the creative engagement of agents of change in B&H who use art as a means of fighting for a better future of their communities and the whole country.
Magacin Kabare is a non-profit professional organization established in 2010 in Sarajevo by a group of young, established and emerging local professionals from the field of creative industries, with the aim of creating and producing multimedia projects, independently and in cooperation with the B&H, regional, and international art professionals.


Through stand-up comedy, theatre and cabaret performances, TV/web series, music videos and documentary films, this group of professional artists examines current social issues in a provocative, innovative and incisive way, and using these means sets the standards for activism through various forms of art.  The movies we made through our projects are shown at festivals, schools, and
universities worldwide and they are part of the Political Science department program at several universities in the USA.


We made more than 30 original shows within Late Night Cabaret Show.

More than 20.000 people attended Late Night Cabaret Show.

Apart from performing at our main stage Club Gogo, we were also guest artists at more than 20 different locations in B&H and abroad. More than 350 children of different age attended Mali Magacin Kabare’s Art Lab for Creative Thinking. In cooperation with them, we filmed more than 20 short films and documentary films.

We have completed more than 20 projects which were supported by various donors, government institutions in B&H, foreign embassies and organizations. We filmed 3 feature-length documentaries which were screened at various film festivals and universities around the world, from the USA to Iran.


Actor / Producer

Zana Marjanović is one of the most successful B&H theatre, film and TV actresses. She is a permanent member of the Chamber Theatre 55 and one of the founders of the non-profit professional organization Magacin Kabare. She attended Fiorello la Guardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts in New York.

She holds a degree from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. In 2003, a B&H director Srđan Vuletić offered her a role in his film Ljeto u Zlatnoj dolini. Moreover, she had prominent roles in various other films: Prva plata by Alen Drljević and Dub by French director Matueu Jouffre. 2007 was the turning point in her career when she became the lead star of the film Snijeg by Aida Begić. She impersonated Alma, one of the women who returned to her demolished village in East Bosnia after the war.

In Angelina Jolie’s film In the Land of Blood and Honey, she played a leading role which brought her to the world of famous actors. In May 2018, at Cannes, a premiere of the film A Rose In Winter was held in which she plays the lead role. The film is about an outspoken advocate of Europe, Saint Edith Stein who was born Jewish and was murdered in Auschwitz. It took 6 years for this movie to be filmed and director Joshua Sinclair entrusted Zana with the lead role.


Screenwriter / Director

Rođen je 1988. godine u Sarajevu. Diplomirao filmsku, pozorišnu, tv i radio režiju na Akademiji scenskih umjetnosti u Sarajevu (ASU). Umjetnički direktor i kućni reditelj Magacin Kabarea od 2010. U dosadašnjoj karijeri režirao je predstave “Super žaba spašava Tokio” (7th Skena Up, specijalno igranje povodom 20 godina Odsjeka za režiju na ASU-u), “Plastelin” (50th MESS festival, European Theatre Night) te napisao i izrežirao mnoge kabaretske predstave. Dobitnik je nagrade za najboljeg reditelja na 7th Skena UP festivalu, te dvostruki dobitnik nagrade za najboljeg studenta na Akademiji scenskih umjetnosti u Sarajevu.

Za državnu televiziju Bosne i Hercegovine (BHT) radio je kao scenarist i reditelj na 30 epizoda mini serije “Priče iza diskrecione linije” i petnaest epizoda mini serije “Dragi blože” koja se bavi kritikom bosanskohercegovačkog društva. Scenarista je i reditelj novogodišnjeg showa BHT-a (2013) te prvog bosanskohercegovačkog mjuzikla “On Tour”. Autor je koncepta i reditelj web realityja “Šeret” koji se bavi takmičenjem stand up komičara. U saradnji sa Jolie Pitt fondacijom napisao je i režirao web seriju “Patriot”.


Screenwriter / Director


Emir was born in 1988 in Sarajevo. He holds a degree in film, theatre, TV, and radio directing from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. He has been an art director and an in- house director for Magacin Kabare since 2010. In his career, he directed the following plays: Super žaba spašava Tokio (7 th Skena Up, a special performance for the 20 th anniversary of the Department of directing at the Academy of Performing Arts); Plastelin (50th MESS festival, European Theatre Night), and he also wrote and directed many cabaret shows. He received an award for the best director at the 7th Skena Up festival. He also received the best student award twice at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. He worked as a screenwriter and director for the Public Broadcasting Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the mini-series called Priče iza diskrecione linije (30 episodes) and Dragi blože (15 episodes) which dealt with the criticism of B&H society. Emir was also a screenwriter and director of the BHT New Year’s Eve Show in 2013 and the first B&H musical On Tour. He is the author and director of the web reality show Šeret -a competition of stand-up comedians. In the cooperation with the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, he wrote and directed the web series Patriot.


Financial Director



Project Coordinator  

Irma Beganović was born in 1989 in Sarajevo. She has a Master's degree in English language and literature. During her schooling, she worked as a volunteer in several international organizations. Her love for children and spreading knowledge led her toward the field of education. While studying English language she was a member of the Shakespeare Drama Club, so her love of art and promotion thereof brought her to Magacin Kabare where she now works as a project coordinator.

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